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            1,369 MLB PLAYERS | 12,626 MLB DRAFT SELECTIONS
            Perfect Game Headquarters
            850 Twixt Town Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
            五福彩票通用版网站Phone: 319-298-2923
            Fax: 319-298-2924

            PG Indoor Facility & Pro Shop
            850 Twixt Town Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
            五福彩票通用版网站Phone: 319-298-2923 ext 140

            PG Park Cedar Rapids
            7523 Mt Vernon Road SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

            Perfect Game - Alabama
            508 Mineral Trace STE 102 Hoover, AL 35244

            Perfect Game - Florida
            4301 Edison Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33916

            Perfect Game - Georgia
            1000 Cobb Place Blvd - Bldg 200 - STE 230
            Kennesaw, GA 30144

            Perfect Game - Northeast
            227 Laurel Road STE 104 Voorhees, NJ 08043

            Social Media
            Perfect Game USA: |

            CONTACT PG
            Jerry Ford Founder/President  
            Andy Ford Senior Vice President  
            Tyson Kimm Senior Vice President (Georgia)  
            Jason Gerst Senior Vice President  
            Brad Clement Chief Executive Officer  
            Taylor McCollough Vice President of Operations  
            Bob Barth Vice President of Business Development  
            Greg Sabers Vice President of Showcases & Scouting  
            Kentaro Yasutake Vice President of International Baseball/Tech Director  
            David Rawnsley Vice President of Player Personnel  
            Ben Ford Vice President of National Development  
            Angel Natal Sr. Director Community Development  
              BUSINESS OFFICE  
            Mike Weaverling Controller  
            Betty Ford Business Office Manager  
            Becky Lain HR Director  
            Paul Siebels Staff Accountant  
            Nancy Lain Director of Customer Relations  
            Jennifer Ford Foundation Director  
            Sherry Priddy Payroll Specialist  
            Justin Amidon National Tournament Director  
            Kevin Herlihy PGBA National Director  
            Marcus Wojtkowicz Western Tournament Director  
            Andrew Jackson Director of Event Staffing/DiamondKast  
            Kenny Gardner Regional Tournament Director - Statistics  
            Jim Birmingham Asst PGBA Director  
            Britt Smith South Regional Director  
            Austin Malone Regional Tournament Director - Florida  
            Korey Hall Regional Tournament Director - Florida  
            Quinn Bourque Regional Tournament Director - Florida  
            Jerry Miller Regional Operations Director  
            Mike Hinchliffe Regional Tournament Director  
            Matt Kirchner Regional Tournament Director  
            Gary Wilson Regional Tournament Director  
            Morgan Wilson Tournament Management Coordinator  
            Coleen Barth Customer Relations Director - Northeast  
            Tony VonDolteren Georgia Youth Director  
            Greg Barnett Deep South Regional Director  
            Julius Comia Regional Tournament Director – GA Youth/Housing Coordinator  
            Joshua Frick Regional Tournament Director – GA Youth  
            Telly Helms Tournament Staff  
            BJ Fish Regional Tournament Director - Midwest  
            Taylor Gramling Regional Tournament Director - GA Youth  
            Patrick Long Regional Tournament Director - Coastal  
            Tyler Price Regional Tournament Director - Northeast  
            Regan Gallaher Tournament Management Coordinator  
            Andrew Jenkins Regional Tournament Director - South  
            Zach Cleaver Regional Tournament Director - Southeast  
            Jordan Gates Regional Tournament Director - Southeast  
              UMPIRE ASSOCIATION  
            Glenn Carnes Director of PG Umpire Association  
            Jim Arp National Director of Showcases  
            Kirk Gardner National Showcase Director  
            Larry Paulson Showcase Coordinator  
            Kevin Schuver Showcase Coordinator  
            Steve Olinsky Showcase Coordinator  
            Chris Johnson Director of Softball Operations  
            Mike Kerr Director of Softball Operations  
              PG SERIES  
            Bill Perry PG Series Director  
            Jered Goodwin National Scouting Director  
            Jheremy Brown National Crosschecker  
            Brian Sakowski National Scouting Supervisor  
            Vincent Cervino National Scouting Coordinator  
            Mike Rooney National Scouting Supervisor - College  
            Greg Gerard National Scouting Coordinator  
            Drew Wesolowski National Scouting Coordinator  
            Connor Spencer National Scouting Coordinator  
            John McAdams National Scouting Cordinator - Northeast  
            Todd Coffey National Scouting Coordinator - Coastal  
            Nate Schweers National Scouting Coordinator  
            Austin Steines Director of Sales & Partnerships  
            Daron Sutton Director of Media  
            Patrick Ebert Managing Editor  
            Jeff Dahn PG Feature Writer  
            Trevor Hoffman PGAAC Honorary Chairman  
            Blake Dowson Content Specialist and Assistant Web Editor  
            Michael Cellucci Social Media and Content Specialist  
            Kelly Higbie Social Media and Content Specialist  
            Tyler Short Merchandise Sales Coordinator / Demand Planner  
            Justin Wells Merchandise Product Logistics / Supply Chain Manager  
            Tom Jackson Director of Sales and Merchandise  
            Steve Vogel Event Merchandise Manager  
            Cody Barnes Online Store Manager / Florida Event Merchandise Manager  
            Mike Bonwell Team Sales Consultant / PG Park Admin  
              IT/WEB DEVELOPMENT  
            Justin Pitts Web Development  
            Ellie Keast Web Development/IT Administrator  
            Jacob Conley Web Development  
            Brady Feller Web Development  
            Todd Oberthien Cedar Rapids Facility Director  
            Tim Evans Director of Instruction & PG Park Cedar Rapids  
            Bob Hackman PG Park Cedar Rapids/Grounds Maintenance Supervisor  

            Mailing Address:
            Attn: PGCrosschecker Admin
            850 Twixt Town Road NE
            Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

            五福彩票通用版网站Phone: 319-298-2923
            Fax: 319-298-2924

            For General/Billing Questions ()
            For Website Feedback ()

            Skillshow (Event Videos)
            1201 First Ave. S.
            Suite 333
            Seattle, WA 98134

            五福彩票通用版网站Phone: 206-652-1288
            Soren ()

            Housing Bureaus - Host Hotels for Perfect Game Events
            • - For all events in Florida

            • - For all other PG events


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